Corporate, Wholesale Macarons

Save time and space in your Professional kitchen.
Contact Luxe Macarons for bulk quantities of tasty, luxury macarons in a wide range of colours and flavours.

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Buy macarons in bulk

Whether you want to buy our luxury macarons for an event such as a birthday or wedding, or for wholesale purposes, Luxe Macarons in can provide you with the amount of macarons that you need.

​We have over 5 years of experience and we have a specialist courier who ensures that our products arrive at their destination across the UK in one piece. Next day delivery as standard. We use recyclable packaging as standard throughout our business. Bespoke colours and flavours on request. Contact us today.

At Luxe Macarons we do not want to rely on third parties for products we can make ourselves.

Last year we invested in our own food grade printer. This saves us time and we do not have to worry about a third party letting us down. 

We can re-create your logo to go onto our macarons.  This is the perfect corporate gift for your clients or you can give them as a reward to your staff.

Box design and colours

New box design

It is vital that we achieve the right colour pallet and design for you therefore we would have a meeting in person or via Zoom to find out your requirements and then look at getting a design approved. Once this is done we can look at the finer details and set the ball rolling.

This process from start to finish normally takes 5 – 8 weeks

Using one of our standard boxes

We can offer you one of our beautiful boxes specially designed for holding macarons.  This will speed up the delivery time significantly. Recently we turned a project around within a week, this would normally be 2-3 weeks.

Some of our happy clients


Get in touch with Luxe Macarons for corporate, wholesale macarons.


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